Mavic Air remote controller not charging


Remote controller will not charge. Power to it seems ok. Plug does not seem to go all the way in. With power left in it it works ok with the drone . Ipad and USB connected . Any suggestions please


To which USB socket are you connecting the iPad? The side Micro USB socket or the USB Type A behind the device holding arms?

If you’re using the side Micro USB for the iPad - then it should also be charging OK.

If you’re using the USB Type A for the iPad, there’s a possibility that the charge socket is damaged.
There is a design fault (not that DJI seem to believe so, since the same is on the M2) in that the socket surround is not shaped to ensure the charge plug can only be put in the correct way around, and trying to put it in the wrong way can rather too easily damage the contacts.


Get a magnifying glass and look inside the usb and there should be a small ‘tab’ in the middle. This is very delicate and can break off making it impossible to charge.
I posted a warning about this sometime ago, a simple ‘cure’ is to order a magnetic cable, which stays permanently inserted in the controller and saves wear and tear on this delicate tab. OR, put a dab of white paint on the cable end to mark which way is up.

As ozonevibe says, the usb slot is only slightly oversquare, making it tricky to insert the charging cable in the correct way around, eventually breaking then’tab’ off.


I am using the socket on the side for charging. I don’t think the plug is going in fully. The USB socket I use for connecting my Ipad. Suspect the side socket is damaged. Have been on to DJI who want the controller back. Luckliy it is still under warranty because refresh does not cover the remote. Will keep posted. Thanks for your interest


Sorry just to check. I have Mavic Air and IPad. They are different connectors. MA has usb and iPad the lighting cable? Have I misunderstood what you are explaining?


Also, have you got the connector adaptor on top of the cable that comes with the charger, or are you not using the DJI charger?


That tab …

Strange that they continue to use their non-standard plug for the default lead.


Thanks Dave, questions were for @Manty not @Brian to double check how he was trying to charge


Yup - was just expanding on the broken tab possibility. #TooManyBrians :stuck_out_tongue:


hi Brian . Have put the adapter on the charging end but it will not plug in fully. Your magnetic adapter sounds great for such a weak point. Where can I obtain one? I can see the little grey tab in the plug but wonder if it has been pushed downwards!


sorry to aid your post Brian, just happen to be ordering some more !


The tab if not broken off, might bend back up, if you are lucky and doesn’t break connection on the circuit board. If you look on Amazon or eBay you will find loads of connectors


These look good @chrisjohnbaker / @Brian - so do you guys use the larger USB to conned Mavic controller to phone / tablet?


I always use the larger USB for connection. Leave the micro USB alone for charging only.
BUT don’t leave the the supplied cable plugged into the micro USB or the large USB won’t work.
It’s a question on forums when they say their phone or tablet won’t connect to controller.
First step is to make sure the cable isn’t still connected into the side USB.
The magnetic usb connectors can be left in situ as they have no effect and they don’t effect the calibration of the sticks or controller either


I agree with Brian, I am now leaving in my controller side port just the magnetic stub (so to speak) then use the cable for charging only and then use a longer cable from the main USB Port to the phone.
I should add that this lead is for my Mavic Pro, NOT, the Mavic Air.


Thanks both. Really useful and having see the possibile consequences think I might follow the advice.


I can confirm that the above USB Magnetic leads DO work fine with the Mavic Air Controller, just tried mine !!.
BUT, make sure of the orientation of the Magnetic Stub before you connect it to the Charger.
The Magnetic stubs are available separately from Amazon ,BUT,
make sure they are the GEN 3 TYPE If not they will not work with the above USB Leads.


Has anyone used this type (GEN 4) for the same use?
These have the Apple connector Stub you can use as well as the Mini USB.


Just as a matter of info for the members.
You must be very wary of the different GENs of these leads, adapters, etc
there are ones that only charge some that work data only and some that are both.
Do your research, check what they work on before you part with your money, and what type ends are for what, and fit what! .
Just wanted to give a heads up to you Guys !!.


Hi All
I have one of the magnetic usb cables and just tried it my RC, it is a bit lose and pulls out when you pull the cable.
I had previously bought a cable on ebay with the DJI plug on the end and usb A on the other end. The RC plug is contoured to the RC itself and so it is obvious which way round it should go as you can see from the pics below.

Here is the link to the cable on ebay.

The pics on the ebay listing are better than mine.