Mavic Air remote controller not charging


Thanks for that . It looks like a rectangular pplug which is good. Thanks for the photos


I agree that the connection with my magnetic stub is not tight,but, i am looking at a practical way to relieve the constant wear and tear on the remote socket and the magnetic connectors do it for me.
Besides ,i do not pull the connection off, i bend the main cable downwards and it disconnects, leaving the stub in the controller.


The magnet is designed to be strong enough to pull the ‘stub’ out. You are using the correct method of removing the cable by pulling down or sideways, leaving the ‘stub’ behind.


@Manty Yeah it has the square plug same as the socket and there is no doubt as to which way round it goes.

@Brian & @chrisjohnbaker. Yeah I know you can sort of snap the magnetic cable off sideways or down, and I certainly get the point about wear and tear on the RC socket, my only worry is that the magnetic plug may fall out. I do have one or two spares so I may give it a go and see how it goes.

Either way is better than using a normal micro usb cable as it would not be obvious which way round it should go in.


I have seen suggested (somewhere) to stick a very small piece of Sellotape to only one side if the stub, just to make it slightly tighter in the controller, BUT, be careful how you do it !.
I should add ,it is something i have not done !


DJI very responsive. Instant reply of acceptance and prepaid returns form and organised UPS collection.


I reckon John you will be sent a new controller.
It will need to be re-binded to you drone.


Thanks Chris


Chris.Guess I will get the magnetic tab cable for charging. Can you advise what I need for the Air?


I would go for the ones i put in my post, as i said they are a loose fit but will do the job.

At least you can leave the stub in the controller (for charging) and i would use the bottom (standard USB Port) to connect to your Ipad or Phone.
that’s what i now do.
I have 2 magnetic stubs, one in the controller, one in my Sony Xperia Phone, one connects to the drone via the side connector (for charging the controller) the second for Connection from the Bottom USB connector to my phone or Ipad.
Hope that all makes sense !.


Here is the side of my controller

#32 socket looks nothing like that Chris?


No John!, that is the magnetic stub you see there, it has been inserted into the Controllers socket.
I simply have shown what it looks like, when the lead is disconnected.
The magnetic stub is very magnetic, and the lead end can be connected either way round.
But, the stub has to be fitted only one way round on its orientation.


Here is a photo of the stub, unplugged, and the side of the controller.



thanks confusion over. Will order


I have just laid the lead on my breakfast bar and the bloody connector will slide 3" and jump onto the lead !!!


Do you use your phone (if so, what sort is it?), or an Ipad to fly?


only ask, as you can get these leads with multiple fitting ends (android, ipad, iphone, etc).
But check that they will do Data and Power.


I use an ipad Chris. Like the big screen although I don’t spend much time looking at it!


Wondering if a spot of hot melt glue on the magnetic stub would give a more secure fit.

I like the idea of it being in there permanently to protect from wear and tear and hot glue leaves no residue if you ever want to remove it.