Mavic Air UK Stock

If anyone is interested, has the arctic white version in stock, both on its own and fly more combo and yes I might just have one on the way despite saying I wouldn’t :slight_smile:

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Also in stock at hobby mounts


I really do need help, badly… I vowed not to buy one of these then the day they come into UK stock, I just couldn’t resist, FMC on its way from Hobbymounts.

So, this is the plan that I’ve managed convince myself makes perfect sense and isn’t impulsive at all… Buy the Air, wait for Litchi to be supported (need Litchi for a time lapse project), sell my Mavic before the Mavic 2 is announced and used prices tumble then buy a Mavic 2 and sell the Air. Sound good? :rofl::laughing:


Sounds like something I would tell the Mrs, convincing her it’s a way of saving :moneybag:


That is pretty much my plan, except the Litchi bit. And also something I would tell the wife :grin:

Bit concerned about the lack of buttons on the controller compared to the MP and also the battery life but guess I will find out soon!

Blimey… looks like there will be some Air’s in the GADC member hangars sooner than we all thought!

Well, with the exception perhaps of @Peter, we all saw that coming :rofl:

There’s logic in your plan though mate :slight_smile:

Although the Air is not a drone for me, I love the concept of it and can’t wait to see one in the flesh :+1:

She’s out for delivery today, have made a little space for her in my bag, I’ll post up a photo later, not that there’s any shortage of photos out there! :slight_smile:

Hi, Mine is on it’s way from DJI, went for the black Fly More Combo

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I actually cancelled mine (before it was delivered). Second thoughts over the controller (lack of screen/buttons) and battery life. So I will keep my MP until the MP2 is released…

Look forward to hearing how those that are getting it shortly get on!

Has the Air arrived guys??

Mine did yesterday, less than 24 hours after ordering from Hobbymounts. I have to say this thing is exquisite, oozing quality, beautiful design, light and tiny. I flew her a couple of times indoors yesterday and all went as planned, I may try her today but the wind forecast isn’t great here, if not, Saturday is looking really calm so definitely by then.

Having watched loads of videos now, I don’t believe that Wifi range will be an issue for me, I seldom fly further than 1km away which seems a safe distance for the Air although that may be for FCC and not CE, time will tell. I have a decent parabolic repeater on hand if necessary and last resort would be to whip the antenna off and put a pair of decent directionals on (did this with my Spark). Almost everybody who’s filmed with the Air seem to agree that video is better quality than the MP so assuming it ios and photos are as good if not better sop once Litchi supports the Air, then I can see me selling my beloved Mavic Pro, that’ll be a sad day…


Paul @ Hobbynounts is really good and efficient. Never had anything but excellent service from them. :+1:

Just to add, the bag that comes with the Air is so much better than the one that came with the Mavic FMC, it’s compact but roomy enough to get the Air, transmtter, all batteries, a small landing pad and a few more bits in without having to force anything. It’s quite a nice comtemporary ‘modern man bag’ design too. :slight_smile:

Overall the Air/Pro size/weight thing actually isn’t everything to me as 99% of the time I lug the Mavic about in my Droneguard bag with the glasses, Crystalsky, spare this and that so the drone is only a small part of the payload but for holidays, this should be insanely good. We’re off to Mexico in April for a week so the Air will definitely be joining us. :smiley:

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Yup, my second Mavic came from Paul plus the CS and now the Air, he’s one of the good guys…

Spoke to Paul today and said thanks for the good feedback. I’ve invited him to the site and he will be joining shortly.

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Hey guys, thanks for the good feedback and we hope you all enjoy the Mavic Air as much as we will.



Welcome, Paul! :+1:

Thanks for the pics @Peter :+1:

Let us know what the battery life is like ‘in the real world’?

Looking forward to mine eventually arriving, DJI in true DJI style have managed to ship a huge consignment with all the wrong paperwork so mine has been stuck in the UK east Midlands centre for nearly a week now whilst they try and get to the bottom of it.

Hmmm they do look sexual.
Must admit I’m looking forward to seeing what they bring out next.