Mavic Air vs Mavic Pro 4K video comparison

So I have been back to one of my favourite local places and tried to capture some of the same footage from the Mavic Air and Mavic Pro to provide a side by side comparison of the 4K video.

The results of which can be seen here:

I have tried to make the videos as similar as possible but it’s not that easy :slight_smile:


Amazing, I love the footage from the Mavic Air…Guess any colour adjustments could be done in edit.
Could I ask, what did you edit on and also what did you use to export to YouTube ?? settings ??
Looks crisp as anything. Many thanks

Thanks. Edited on the iPad Pro with LumaFusion (love this app) and exported in 100mbit/s then copied to the iMac to upload.this can be uploaded directly from LumaFusion but then ties the IPad up fir a while.

Great job mate.

There’s not much between them.

Air seemed a bit sharper on the reeds and showed less compression in the shadows.

Mavic seemed a bit sharper in the background.

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… and I like the colours in the MP footage. :stuck_out_tongue:

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, etc.

But, let’s face it … both are excellent … and grading could easily make them indistinguishable. :+1:

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Yes I was surprised that they are quite close, the MP is a bit warmer colour wise and perhaps a little sharper, but the Air holds a little bit more detail I guess with the 100mbits, it still shows quit a lot of artefacts.

Both are good and you have to look quite hard to differentiate.


Agree 100%