Mavic Battery Auto-Discharge - Why? How? Which models?

daft question maybe but I am going to ask it - how do you set your batteries to discharge and why?

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That’s not a daft question and I’d like to know as well @Ronidog . As far as I am aware (as someone who knows nothing about these things) it looks like there’s something about the batteries needing to be discharged to 30% before you can take them on an airplane. Someone else will need to confirm that for it to be considered “reliable”. At the moment the only way I would know of to safely discharge the battery would be to put it in your drone and leave the drone turned on for a while.

I did this yesterday because I wanted to check the correct operation of my new battery charge hub.

If you have a Mavic series drone,you can set the time for batteries to discharge in the DJI GO4 App ,anything from 1 to 10 days. Hope this helps. :thinking: :+1:


As @FIREFOX says - this is something that happens to all Mavic batteries.

The reason is that LiPo batteries have a better life expectancy if they are not stored for long periods whilst fully charged, so they automatically discharge to ~60% after so many days of not being used.

In the Go4 app (not sure about the GoFly app for the Mini?) you can set the time before discharge starts … between 1 to 10 days.

I seem to recall this setting wasn’t available on the M2s, initially, but a recent firmware update has enabled it. (Perhaps an M2 owner would confirm?)

It’s worth adding that checking the battery level, without turning on the MP, resets the timer … at least, on the M1P batteries. (Same on M2/Mini, anyone?)

Not advisable! If it’s not flying things get rather hot inside! … as confirmed by the cooling fan (is there one in the Mini?) kicking in.
The rate of battery drain with the drone sat on the deck doing nothing, even if the motors are started and just idling, is very low compared to actually flying … so the time to discharge can be really a long time to have it all hot and bothered with the fan running.

Also check these posts for info.


Not present in the Fly app. Might be because they’re Li-Ion rather than LiPo batteries in the Mavic Mini.


Indeed! I’d forgot that.

Nope. Too much weight :rofl:

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The Japanese batteries are LiPo so they may add a discharge option to them maybe?

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Yes, the cooling fan on the M2Z is very noticeable. It’s noise caught me out after the Mavic Mini. Thanks for the pointers re: batteries.


I can confirm that this feature exists in the DJI 4 app for my Mavic 2 Zoom. It seems that 5 days is the default setting.


That option on the M2 was definitely missing at launch :slight_smile:

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on airdata i have one battery showing red in cell 4
took off at 12.44pm and it shows fine landed with 80%bat took off again with 79%bat and it shows red in cell 4

i have other bat on mavic 2 that’s red in cell 4 never get any warnings of go4 app

One reason, and probably the main one, that Lithium batteries if not used for long periods of time should be discharged to a storage level, is to reduce the growth of Lithium dendrites. These are crystals of lithium that form on the anode and grow in a similar fashion to stalagmites. These crystals form during the charging process. This is why lithium batteries have a theoretical maximum number of usable charges because as more crystals form the internal resistance of the battery increases reducing its ability to sustain a current flow at a nominal voltage.

These crystals will also continue to grow if the battery is left at a high level of charge, and if left long enough will short circuit the anode with the cathode.

Dendrite growth is unavoidable but proper use, correct charging current, and proper storage, will reduce the effect and prolong the usable life of the battery.




Ah, that the “puffy battery” issue?


There’s no auto-discharge on Mini batteries but DJI still suggest they are discharged if not being used for 10 days or more. In a thread on their forum they said to use the two-way-charger to charge something else with the battery(ies) to get them down to between 39% & 75%. I use the charger & batteries to charge my phone to drain them.


@OzoneVibe thanks for moving this to a separate discussion. Double thanks for the explanation from you and @FIREFOX for the explanation. It seems that mine are set for a 10 day discharge.

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Interesting to know

Morning all
Is it usual for MA2 batteries to deplete quickly when not in use, stored. Fully charged about a week ago and just checked and showing about 75% charge in them?

My Mavic air has been stored away for about 3 months and all batteries showing full!


Moved your post to a thread on the same subject @borojohn1964

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