Mavic focussing

Prior to today (possibly prior to the latest Firmware update which brings pano), whenever I would take a photo or start recording a video my Mavic would auto focus then shoot/record. This worked very well as you would never forget to focus.

However, using it this morning (and I am glad to say all of the iOS crashing seems to have stopped since updating to iOS 11.2) it no longer does this.

I am not talking about AFC, which I have always switched off. Has anyone else noticed this or know a way to get it back?

Forgive me … but what it’s NOW doing seems logical.
If you’re not using Auto Focus … you don’t want it to auto focus.
For instance … night video … when the advice is … Manual Focus once airborne on something bright, before flying into position to take video/photos. The last thing you would want it is trying to focus in difficult, low light, conditions, each time you start to take video.
My opinion …

But I am using auto focus (at least for the daytime stuff) but not AFC, I’m just confused as to the changes in focussing from it doing the auto focus at the point of hitting the shutter button or needing to tap the screen, or press a button before hitting the shutter button.

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I can’t say I’ve noticed this myself, but I’ve a chronic force of habit where I always hit the C1 button on the Mavic remote then wait for the focus-confirmation bleep then I hit record.

No idea why, but I’ve always done that from day one :blush:

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When flying over the weekend I noticed that on video it would focus automatically before starting to record, but not (always) on photo. I wonder if it detects if it is in focus and if not starts auto focus?

Anyway, like @PingSpike I have centre focus assigned to one of the buttons and have been getting in the good habit of using this myself to ensure focus before I start shooting!