Mavic Hacks, Parameter Changes and CE to FCC Frequency Changes

This guy’s channel has some great tutorials on changing parameters in the Mavic using the DJI Assistant 2

For example, I upped the RTH speed and also the descent speed.

I also increased Sport mode speed as I will only use it to fight against wind as and when required.

I am yet to try out the FCC frequency change which apparently gives you more power to your wireless connection, thus better performance over longer distances.

Easy to revert back to default also.

Use at own risk obviously.

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I was talking to someone the other day about the FCC mod, I forget who it was now, @Pedro maybe?

Like the sound of an increased decent, does it still look stable coming down?

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Hi Rich,

I tried the FCC APK for Go4 on my Spark and it increased the signal significantly but to be honest I’ve never got close to losing signal with my Mavic so, as it will/may invalidate the DJI warranty as the flight logs aren’t synced with the DJI server using the APK, I’m quite happy with range and the way she flies. I’ve taken the APK off my Spark tablet now too. I haven’t tried the Assistant 2 method or tried uploading the FCC config file.

The Spark has such crap CE range, you literally can’t fly more than 100m in the UK as it always uses 5.8G. You can change it to 2.4G which is a little involved but a couple of nights ago I did get 2,660 feet out with my Spark on 2.4G and still had 2 bars left. I’m fitting a new antennas to my Spark controller this weekend which should help too. I’m a little nervous about splitting the controller open but it should be fine, looks easy enough.


Peter (Pedro)

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Ah! @Peter, it was you I was talking to about it :smiley:

This was one of the very things that made me cancel my Spark pre-order (I lost my bottle) and buy a Mavic instead :+1:

I’ve done the FCC hack on my iPad and was extremely pleased with the signal strength but now I have the crystalsky I can’t do it as although it runs android its a sort of closed system version and you cannot get to the root folders where you need to place the hack.

That is the one thing that has put me off splashing out on a CrystalSky

Well, that and the fact that you cannot use any third party apps on it.

Yes I can understand that. I’ve never been a big user of 3rd party apps so not so much of an issue to me.

Hmmm… The plot thickens?

I thought the settings were stored on the bird? So in theory if you apply this, it then stays on the bird? But I guess not?!

Not sure how the FCC hack works exactly, but it is a file that is put in the Go4 app folder.

I’m guessing the app tells the controller what protocol to use as it is more a hack for the controller than the bird.


Yes, this makes much more sense :+1:

Would you be willing (perhaps in a new thread?) to provide a “how-to” on that? For those of us who might not be so technically aware?


The OG are currently working on various mod’s that will allow you to use CS to run other applications. They currently have the Play Store running on the CS, and are currently looking at custom boot roms in order to totally remove the DJI restrictions.

Having talked with these guys over the last 7 months and see what they did with the Mavic, I can honestly say it wont be long before you can do what you want on the CS…


This is great news!

Granted there isn’t much else I’d personally like to add to a CS, but even being able to run something like Litchi would be a serious bonus :+1:

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