Mavic in Malta


Hi, has anybody flown in Malta ?, staying in St Julians in Sept,


Hi @Wrighty and welcome to Grey Arrows!

Alas, I can’t advise on Malta, it’s a bit hot here in the UK for me at the moment, never mind somewhere like Malta!

Although, perhaps it’s cooler there than it is here currently :rofl:


Attached is the Civil Aviation Directorate required to fly Drones in Malta


Attached …… ? :wink:


Self Declaration for the safe operations of drones ver 1 April 2018.pdf (692.0 KB)


Hmmm … whilst their sentiments aren’t at fault, their wording is interesting …

vi & vii - within? in excess off? or just specifically AT 120m?

viii - “shall not be flown within 120 meters of or above” but at xi - “shall not be flown at a height of more than 60 meters above ground or water” … so already difficult to get to 120m above.

v - “shall not be flown overwater unless ….” lots of conditions. Strange, one would think that’s the safest place for it to be flown, as far as public safety is concerned.

Good info, though!


Odd indeed, especially as Malta is surrounded by water,