Mavic mini 2 hardly used [SOLD]

A friend (Martin) is selling his MM2. He isn’t exactly sure of what to ask, it’s 2 years old and has hardky been used. He is says he will be fair on price, I think he’s looking at around £350 ish. If anyone is interested, he lives in the York area, DM me or reply to this, and I’ll pass on his number for further details. Sorry I can’t give more information, It’s better to ask him directly than tooing and froing with me in the middle. Photos attached.



A bit cheap at 350 I would have thought, but if he wants to help out somebody else it’s a bargain!

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He’s a decent bloke, doesn’t want to rob anyone, if he can be fair to anyone and they think it’s a fair price then he’s happy.

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Thanks to all. Now sold.

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I brought it.
I’ve been looking for a mini 2 for a while but the prices for used ones weren’t budging at all and the Fly More Combo pack was fetching around £430-£450 on ebay. So when this popped up I jumped at it.
I have to say, Martin is an absolute gentleman to deal with to the point that he wouldn’t take payment until he’d posted it off to me. Thats a massive level of trust.
The drone arrived this morning and is everything Brian and Martin said it was. I haven’t hooked up the ipad mini to it yet to get any info off it but I had a quick test flight in the garden and its spot on.
So, thank you Brian. (I’ve already messaged Martin this morning :slight_smile: )


Glad you are chuffed. I don’t as a rule get involved in things like this, cos if it goes wrong it rebounds upon me and I hate to think anyone could think bad of me. However I know Martin, is like me, athoroughly decent chap and trust him implicitly.
He offered to buy me a bottle of vino-de-collapso as a thank you, but my reward is knowing that everyone is happy with their side of the deal. I really should be more mercenary. Lol
Best wishes Paul from Oop North.

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