Mavic mini - Compass Calibration - Every flight?

Any one help I am being ask to calibrate on every use is that normal THANKS

Hi, I watched a Mavic Mini tutorial on youtube before I did mine. I was a bit confused when I’d done it for the first time because it seems to still have the ‘calibrate’ words still showing on the right of the screen, but look on the left side and it says ‘normal’. So I think if it says normal, you should be ok. I’m no expert, so hopefully others may also confirm for you.

How often do you use it? I can only speak of My MP2.
She needs calibrating every time on first powering up if she’s been left for more than about 2 weeks.
If I use her (oooer matron) at least every 10 days or so she never needs it. My MP never needed it.

I was in Northampton on friday last, and at each location the M2P asked to be calibrated.
I normally do it as a matter of course with any of my drones, even if it does not ask to be done.

Thanks for that guys I will check what buda has done​:+1::+1:

I think it might also have a lot to do with where you store it, as the MM is so small it can be stored in small spaces when not in use, I have a battery charging station in a ventilated metal cabinet and the MM lives in there. I think the magnetometer might potentially be affected more than usual because it’s been sat next to the metalwork for extended periods of time.
I definitely notice that I’m asked to calibrate less when it has been stored somewhere else.
Personally I am happy to calibrate each time though, I’ve found that the optical positioning on the MM isn’t that great so it’s best not to take any chances.

Thanks for all your replys great site I always get sound advice I will just calibrate every time on the MM it don’t take long Thanks :+1:

Personally I would not. One good calibration in an area that you know is free of any ferrous material and magnetic interference will suffice. If you calibrate on every take off you run the risk of calibrating in proximity to interference, and then when you take of out of the interference field your compass will be skew-if with the possibility of bad things. I’ve seen this happen on a few occasions.