Mavic Mini controller cable

Just wondering if anyone has upgraged there mavic mini controle cable (cable from phone to rc) as on occasion when flying i notice a slight lag on filming dosent even matter on range thinking a higher quality cable might help and if people have what cables do people use (make/where to buy)

More likely to be your phone struggling than the cable.
Which phone are you using?

Samsung galaxy s8 im due and upgrade in a coupple of days if thats the case

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The SGS8 is on DJI’s list of compatible devices. (The bottom of this page ).

But I still wouldn’t suspect the cable. If you have intermittent break up of the feed, then perhaps. But a cable can’t induce lag.

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Usually the supplied cables are bulletproof, have you another device you can try ?

Unfortunately not

unless it is location geting slight inteferance as i am flying within 1/2 a mile of radio tower with a microwave link on it

Microwaves are a very different frequency, and I (and many others here) have
flown around them towers, close-ish, without an issue.

Do you have another phone to try?

Unfortunately not but i will do in a week or 2 so i will have to wait and see what happens then

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Just a thought have tried clearing the ram on the phone and closing all open apps?

You could try airplane mode.

I’d always recommend the Mini be flown in Airplane mode.

I took it out yesterday in airplane mode no issues so looks like thats the way forward thanks all for your help