Mavic Mini - First shots on a cloudy day


Lightroom (cloud definition is better here):

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Another original:

Versus 30 seconds in Lightroom (both clouds and tress looking better):

Last original:

Lightroom (the cloud difference here is significant, as are the trees both left and right):

Ah - your “back garden”. :wink:

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Hope you don’t mind I took the last and just gave it the Snapseed HDR standard filter to show folks how good this app is for use on the move.

Nice shots, how’s the time lapse of the construction going


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Yup, you got it :rofl:

Go for yer life mate :+1:t2:

Badly - the Osmo Pocket window sucker thing is great, but lighting conditions are playing absolute havoc. The sun is so low in the sky it shines directly in to the lens :confused: Filters may cure, work hours are preventing tinkering though :confused:

Dude, get off your phone :roll_eyes:

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Walking dead.

My take on the last pic …


Its the same round here !, (with the Council Workers) one working ,three leaning on their shovels.

Just to add a reminder re the first post here, we’ve only got the JPGs to go with, no RAWs :confused:

He heard the MM and is testing his new app to find your location :smile:


Was that edited on a phone app? Looks great :+1:t3:


An old Photoshop Elements on Laptop

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