Mavic Mini fly more combo - For Sale Like New - [SOLD]

For sale mavic mini fly more combo as new - boxed - £360 inc delivery.

That’s a very good price for anyone wanting to get into the sport … good luck selling …

Hi there, why are you selling the mini drone. Could interested, where a bouts are you mate?

Hi Angrywasp, I’m in Stockport. The only reason for sale is because I just don’t feel like it’s a hobby that I would pursue. Gneral interest by the public when I fly in say a park, just not something I feel I will ever be comfortable with - I would rather be left alone when flying, just draws too much attention. Happy to post the drone in the uk (at no additional cost), and happy to use Paypal. It is all boxed up ready to be posted, however I can unbox to send\upload pics if you want? let me know either way.

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Hi there, yes could please send me some pictures, I am happy using Paypal.

not a problem, I have just unboxed it, taken some pics. Hope you can see them on the link below:-

I have tried to show the drone pairing up to the phone successfully, as well as some of the original warning stickers on the drone, as you can see some parts are still in the white original packaging, the gimbal cover still present, all cables for the 3 different types (mini usb/usbc/iphone) as well as the 3 batteris and charger for the fly more combo, the prop guards have never been fitted and still in original packaging.

The link doesn’t work.

Best just post the pics here.

Thanks bud! I will paste them here.

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Hi there, looks fine from the pictures mate, how do you want to proceed. (Paypal?)

Hi Stuart, I will send you my details on a private post. I will need the address and postcode of where I am sending it. For info I will be posting it with royal mail, recorded and tracked so as soon as I recieve the tracking number I can share it with you. Thanks, Neil.

Hi Stuart I have just messaged you with a link to my paypal details. I will need your postal address but suggest you message those details to me to keep them private - from this post. Thanks, Neil.

Has this been sold, now, Neil? If so we’ll edit the topic title as [SOLD].

Hi, yes please can you mark this as sold.

Many thanks, Neil.