Mavic Mini Fly More Combo - For Sale

Unwanted Christmas present…
Joke…a very much wanted Christmas present to myself but I just don’t find the time to fly it, especially now I’ve bought a Mavic Air 2…if money was no object I’d keep the Mini as it’s awesome and does have some unique skills but alas I think it’s time to sell.

Asking £375 + shipping, it includes a DJI sun visor and it’s all in tip top condition, never been crashed, always looked after.

I think I could get more on Flea Bay but I hate Flea Bay, always get the mess around.

Welcome any questions or inspection if you are close enough.

Pics below:



Close enough to where? Any hints? :wink:

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Very good question :crazy_face:

I’m in Maidenhead Berkshire


Forgot to mention it has DJI care refresh valid until Dec 24th 2020