Mavic Mini Fly More Combo - [No Longer] For Sale

Unwanted Christmas present…
Joke…a very much wanted Christmas present to myself but I just don’t find the time to fly it, especially now I’ve bought a Mavic Air 2…if money was no object I’d keep the Mini as it’s awesome and does have some unique skills but alas I think it’s time to sell.

Asking £375 + shipping, it includes a DJI sun visor and it’s all in tip top condition, never been crashed, always looked after.

I think I could get more on Flea Bay but I hate Flea Bay, always get the mess around.

Welcome any questions or inspection if you are close enough.

Pics below:



Close enough to where? Any hints? :wink:

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Very good question :crazy_face:

I’m in Maidenhead Berkshire


Forgot to mention it has DJI care refresh valid until Dec 24th 2020

Guys and gals this is still available, it’s not been flown since I mentioned it was up for sale.
With everything that’s been going on i had pretty much forgotten about it, I’ve only flown my MA2.

Sensible offers considered, any questions or inspection welcome to forum members. This isn’t listed anywhere else so you won’t be wasting your or my time if you want to kick the tyres a little.

I’m based in Berkshire and work from home so I’m about most days.

Can post if needed, I have a shipping box ready for it.

Cheers, Luke…

Guys, I’ve decided to remove this listing as I’m going to keep the Mini as the pocket drone for those occasions where a backpack drone is too much to carry.

Could someone please change the title to add - Withdrawn or removed.

I couldn’t work out if it was possible to do it myself

Thanks muchly :pray: