Mavic Mini gimbal errors

Took the MM out for a spin this morning. All seemed well, when all of a sudden I started seeing some really jerky movement from the camera.

Brought it back in to land, and had a “Gimbal motor overload” error come up on screen immediately before landing. Carried out the standard tech support fix (turned it off and on again), and the camera ended up pointing directly downwards after the usual start up with a “Gimbal stuck” error.

There was nothing blocking the gimbal (and I had removed the cover before anyone asks :joy:), and after restarting again the problem seemed to clear.

Anyone else experienced this? Is it worth flagging to DJI under warranty, or could it just be a one off?

Try a gimbal calibration in the first instance.

Do you have a Airdata account?, if not get one (free) so you can monitor the errors, even this last one will show when you upload to Airdata for the first time.

Keep us posted.


Thanks Chris, I’ll give the gimbal calibration a try.

Airdata link is below. The “Gimbal stuck” error isn’t showing up as the drone wasn’t in flight when it occurred.

Have a check (powered off) that the gimbal can move freely and naturally in all directions just moving it with your finger, especially round the cable area

Also before you do the gimbal calibibration do an IMU one and keep an eye on it for the next few flights.

Just looking at airdata.
Forgive me if I’m wrong (I’m on my phone image small) but the images show you above trees I think at around 25ft.
There isn’t a possibility of a stray branch or anything catching it was there?

Good call Paul, also coincides with point F (gimbal overload error)

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I suppose that might have happened, but I seem to recall that it was well out in the open when the video feed became jerky. That was my first indication of a problem, and the gimbal error appeared whilst I was returning home. Annoyingly I wasn’t recording at the time so I have to rely on my fragile memory of events!

As for the altitude data, it’s all a bit skewed by the fact that I launched from a railway platform that was a good 10m or so higher than the surrounding landscape. So I wasn’t being quite as cavalier as it might appear from the data!


The data is relative to the altitude at home point and not actual ‘above ground level’

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Not sure in that case to be honest. I’ve had my Mavic pro gimbal give this warning once but at the time the drone was getting attacked by bees. When I finally got free of them and landed the evidence was pretty clear though. I lost count of the dead bodies on the drone and it took bloody ages to clean them off.

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Just to wrap this up, I sent my Mavic Mini to DJI for investigation. They diagnosed a faulty Gimbal Axis Arm module which they are replacing for free under warranty.

Looking forward to getting it back so I can go flying again.

Incidentally given that I’m in Norfolk and the drone is currently in the Netherlands, do I qualify for some sort of distance record? :upside_down_face:

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The chances are that you will get a complete replacement drone (probably a refurnished one).

They carry out almost no actual repairs in Netherlands. All they really do is assess the problems and send everything needing repair back to China for total refurbishment (It’s cheaper for them that way than paying European pay rates.) and used as replacements for future cases such as yours.

Either way - good that you got a result. :+1: