Mavic mini lighting

Hi any suggestions on lighting options for the mini. Rechargeable batteries would be nice. Everything I find is from the US (firehouse). I have the leg extenders which I think are pretty much needed.

Strobon LEDs - All you’ll ever need.

Only had mine a week, but I’ve always hand caught it

This will take the mini over 250g I would have thought. Leg extenders and lights

For sure - even a wrap will take it over 250g


Can someone recommend some strobe lights for the Mini 2?

More info than you could ever need can be found here :+1:t2:


For the strobon cree winter2020 code is still giving 15% off

I bought one of these as they were sold out of the Strobon Cree. It is a DR02 from Amazon, tested it out this evening and it certainly makes the little blighter easier to see. If you maximise the video you will see it flashing away.