Mavic Mini MTOM?


I’ve searched the forum (and elsewhere) for this number but have not had any success.

I recently wrapped and stickered my Mini, and this has taken its weight to 257g.

I had an idea about lighting up my Mini like a Xmas tree and rigged this up…

Two central white Strobons Crees, One Green (right hand side) and one red. I slung this on the undercarriage and secured it with an elastic band. My idea was to make something I could potentially use on another drone. It’s all very ‘Heath Robinson’ - I’m not asking anyone to like what I’ve done.

This has taken it’s total weight to 285g. I’ve got an operator ID, so that’s all good.

I flew it last night, and received no warnings about it being too heavy.

So, does anyone know what the Mini’s MTOM is? I’ve checked the user manual, nothing there. I’m aware that there is a payload mode though, but as I said earlier, it was flying ok last night.

What have I missed?



How much can it lift do you mean? Sorry, not sure what you’re after.

This “MM is capable of around 200 grams of pull beyond it’s own weight.So the lifting capability of a Mavic Mini is about 4.41 N.” ???

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Ok, that’s the kind of information I was after. :+1:

That is way more than I thought it was capable of.


Not sure what weight enables auto payload mode but assuming you can turn it off again after?
Wouldn’t like to guess how it would handle with all that weight … are you volunteering to test it? Ha ha

When you say that… are you being sarcastic? Sorry, I just can’t tell.

I’m new to this drone malarkey, and I’m looking for guidance re. what I’ve done.

I’m happy to provide more information to help get this question answered.



I’d hazard a guess it wouldn’t even break a sweat till it was +400g or so :thinking:

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Ha ha, no for once no sarcasm!

Just intrigued to know if it would affect controlling the drone much carrying that much extra weight…


Well, it seems to be ok, short flight mind, but no warnings.

I’ll let you know when it crashes into someone’s back garden… flashing like a b*stard. :rofl:


For some reason, even after seeing your pic, I imagined the extra weight hanging below the drone.

That’s why I was thinking of it affecting handling as it would swing about when you’re flying- woken up now!

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Ha, no worries mate. It’s pretty secure as it is… elastic bands are a winner!

Spoke to DJI support… Clueless :pensive: