Mavic mini Registration

Hi iv a Mavic mini that’s 249g so no need to register it but I can’t remember who told me at some point this year I’d after register my drone is this still true ?

if the droe has a camera , yes you will , but also if you add any accessories, like blade guards, it will be over 250g anyway.

Hi stevelyt the drone as a camera but apart from that its all standard

as of when the law gets in , if its fitted with a camera you will have to register, I cant see it being in by june myself, due to the current condition.
where are you based

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when the law become official , even the tello if flown outside will have to be registered, it only weighs 80g, I am registered anyway I use a mavic 2 pro

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Ok buddy I’ll get it registered and do the test

That’s me registered 20 out of 20 well happy


Now you have no excuse to go bigger. :wink:


Iv a dji phantom 2 but distroyed the gimble but she sits on my shelf as that was my first drone then I got a dji spark but sold it as I decided to give up flying drones but now I’ve the dji mavic mini

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