Mavic Mini, Too much to ask!

While the weather is shite and I am sitting here drooling over the New Mavic Mini I thought…
I wonder if the Pocket Ozmo Filters fit to the Mini !.
Tried a random filter, no such luck!, they have obviously made most parts of the camera/gimbal from plastic.
Now if i had been a developer of the Mini, my brain would say
“I think as we are using the same basic shape of the gimbal”…“Let’s make the camera compatible with existing filters that fit our Pocket Osmo”
A PIG’S MAY FLY !!, that was too much to ask !.
I still think DJI should emply a few Guys from off here in their brainstorming sessions !!.
It would only have took a small amount of metal at the front to achieve that.

“Compatibility” between models doesn’t create sales and profits.

Never seen two cameras of the same make that took the same battery … since they stopped being totally manual.

Find me two printers of the same make that take the same ink cartridge. Indeed - they sell printers at almost no profit and make all their money on the cartridges.


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That’s why i bought a printer that has Ink Tanks in it, and only needs an ink re-fill once a year !.
But, fair point on the compatibility side of the answer.
And that is what we call progress?.

… profit. :wink:

I use a printer so infrequently that the current printer, now 11 years old, has only recently required its second ream of A4.


Jesus!, i sometimes use one of them a month!.

I only use paper for mail-order returns labels. :wink:

Other things too - Amazon wouldn’t allow me to buy anything if my returns rate was that high.

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I’m wondering if there is much of a need for filters on the mini.

Its aimed at beginners, has no manual video settings, no RAW capture and your going to want as much light as possible hitting that sensor.

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