Mavic Mini Transmission Mode

If anyone has a spare 5 minutes could you check something for me.

When ever I start up the Mini and check the Transmission mode its in ‘Manual’, I change it to Auto, the Mini reboots and fly’s happily (as it does in manual)

Come to open the app to fly again (after a shutdown) and the Transmission has reverted back to manual.

Running latest firmware v01.00.0500 DJI Fly 1.1.0 on iOS

Yes, mine’s the same. Just fired it up on the kitchen table and it’s exactly the same as you describe

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Is this something to be concerned about?

Auto is preferable as it chooses the best frequency to be on, in manual you are choosing one and it sticks on that (so if its shit quality you are going to get more connection error messages etc)

I’ve built a shortcut on iOS that sends me a reminder to check whenever I open DJI Fly