Mavic Platinum

I had a little problem with my drone namely the IMU after a few attempts the dji app showed all normal. The calibration showed a yellow box not a green one.

Speaking to a dji rep he said that was good not excellent but I could still fly the drone this was the same as for my compass.

Going to take the drone out when it’s less windy with fingers crossed. Anyone know what all the numbers are on the. calibration. Regards Irvine ( Portsmouth UK )

Post some screen shots of the problems if you get a chance.

@james6belgravia have you fixed it?

Hello I emailed dji and told them the situation with my IMU they said as long as it’s green or yellow your safe to fly.

Will test this out when the weather is better wish me luck. Regards Irvine ( Portsmouth UK )

For what it is worth, my Mavic Pro Platinum has constant errors that come up on the screen, only once has it actually been an issue when I noticed that the drone was drifting to one side randomly at a few mph…

I have learnt to an extent to tune them out, take a note that there is something that is misbehaving and if it continues for more than a few seconds actually pay attention to it. Could be a completely stupid stance but if i took it down every time i got an IMU error or compass error i would never fly it at all :+1:

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I am waiting for good weather and I’ll take your advice they cost a lot of money and to see it disappear would be very bad.

I own a Spark as well which I have drone insurance for but not for my mavic think it’s time to invest in more drone insurance.