Mavic pro 2 + fly more combo Wanted - [Now sorted!]

Hi Guys
Does anyone have a Mavic pro 2 with fly more combo in good condition for sale?

Apparently the guy in thread that’s just two posts down from this post does:


Ok thanks Rich

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Hi Rich
I bought the kit off the guy. He showed me it working on a FaceTime video call.
He was supposed to be sending it today but he is no longer responding to my texts or calls.
Do you know this guy? He’s only just joined.

Do I know @DanielC you mean?

No, I don’t think I’ve ever met him.

Ok. I’ll give him until 9 and I’ll have to file a PayPal dispute. What a letdown…

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I would NEVER buy from anyone who has “just appeared” virtually overnight on any medium/ site.
Their has been one or two on here over the last few months that have been bitten and let down.
Always buy from long term members, then you have a certain amount of trust to rely on.
Not saying no ones perfect, but, you get my drift !.
This does not mean to say that you should not put your trust in fellow Members of GADC, just be wary.


Well we live and hopefully we learn. :weary:

Hope it all sorts out ok for you.

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Thanks mate. I’m just starting a PayPal dispute

I’m guessing he didn’t add himself to the members map! Hope you get your money back quickly and find something genuine. Good luck

Probably. I got rid of my air 2 so I’m drone-less. Wondering if I should get one on credit but then the pro 3 will probably come out?1?

If you can have 6 months 0% on a credit card, by the time the 3 comes out you’ll have paid it off. Then you can buy the 3 using 0% again. Then you have 2 drones. It’s the way forward.

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10% off for new customers, 12 months BNPL

No brainer ;o)

Doh! I’m already a customer :sob:

I could get it for Wednesday. I can get PayPal credit. Keep hoping the guys gonna get back to me…

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I need the fly more really. I really want the bt glasses too cos I can’t see the phone very well. But that means smart controller needed to connect them. Too much!