Mavic pro battery prob

My friend recently gave me his mavic pro since he doesn’t really want it and he told me he got it as a gift 2 years and only flew it once on the day he got it and since that day he had never touched it. When I tried to charge the battery it only stayed on this state ( does anyone know a fix for this?


could be beyond a rechargeable state, on my mavic 2 i try to keep them semi charged, although some one will probably have an answer for the earlier versions, 2 yrs is a long time for a battery to discharge

Try placing it on the drone turn on then off and back to charge on the single charging connection.

Try resetting while plugged in hold button on battery until it goes off and release see if that works or even longer pressing on button until off then it flashes a few times, I cannot remember how long it could be maybe 30 or 60 secs but there’s no harm trying, also try while disconnected try holding down button and plug in or hold down button for longer until you see flashing and plug in. I tried all different methods it took me weeks to get it to kick back from hibernation, leave it charging for 24 hrs maybe this will work.

Have you tried updating the firmware on the battery ???

See what the drone says about the battery and the % life it shows on the remote, i found it said battery error full charge on remote but showed to be good on drone, what I used it for and even now fixed is testing drone doing settings and flying very close to my position.

When I plug it into the drone it does nothing, not even the lights come on, Where can I update the battery?

also how do I know if the battery is charging?

Read these solutions :+1:

Have you left it charging for 24hrs

Look what I found out

and no i didnt leave it in for 24hours
should I?

That’s the remote at full charge not the battery.

Yes leave battery on for 24 hrs, look at that link I left in last post as it explains hibernation and methods.

oh alright,
ill tell you if i have any other problems

Did it just come with 1 battery ?

Maybe might consider buying some spare batteries.

I bought batteries from MPB in the past 2 Mavic pro with 30 charges, fast at dispatching also they sent me a wrong item and immediately sent courier to pick it up and money straight into my account.

2 batteries 30 and 35 charges at £44 each

Ill have a look at that, thanks

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this is what happens when i plug the battery into the drone (
and what do i do after the 24 hours?

Because the battery has been sat idle for so long it has discharged below what would normally be considered minimum charge level. The fact you have managed to get some life out of it is surprising as when this usually happens the Battery Management System (BMS), which is a circuit inside the battery, goes into a Power Failure (PF) state and prevents the battery from being charged. This is because the battery is no longer considered safe to use.

If you’ve managed to get some charge into the battery using the charger, as indicated by the lights on the battery, but the drone does not turn on this could be an indication that the BMS needs to be calibrated. You need to charge the battery fully, and as recommended above leave it on the charger for at least 24HRS.

Next plug the battery into the drone, and if the drone powers on leave it on and let the battery drain until the drone no longer turns on. This discharge process needs to be done slowly, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FLY IT. You can arm the drone, MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THE PROPS OFF FIRST, and let the motors idle. This will speed up the discharge process without over stressing the battery.

Once the battery has drained to the point the drone will no longer turn on let it sit for at least five hours. This allows the cells in the battery to normalise.

After at least five hours you can charge the battery as normal.

For your first flight I highly recommend to just hover the drone four or five feet off the ground and monitor the battery status via the app on your phone. Just because the battery will power the drone does not mean it’s in good health, and due to not being used for a long time the battery may have lost a lot of its potential capacity. If you get to within a few minutes of the average flight time, I’ll let owners of the Mavic tell you what this is as I don’t own one, then I would say it’s good to use, but with the caveat that it may still be close to its end off life. Any flight time significantly less than the average I would dispose of the battery and look for a replacement from a reliable source.


Just a question looking at the video clip as I see you placing the battery on drone and looked like a very slow finger touch for turning on.

Hate to ask do you know how to switch a drone on whilst battery fitted? Apologies if you do.

How many batteries did you get with drone if only this one I would buy more and use the faulty battery if you get it going again as for firmware updates and very close shoots literally above your head as I would never have faith in flying the drone to far.

I’ve had 2 batteries with problems, 1 different error but managed to get it back to life again but I marked it so to never use it for distance flights, the 2nd battery I lost my drone as my remote popped up with battery error and was forced to land but unfortunately lost the drone on the side of a mountain.:cry:

Tbh unsure others would say but I would not use it again for flights again even thou it looks perfect again.

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Considering the cost of buying a replacement battery, I’d prefer that route and have some assurance from that, that at least you don’t have to go through hours of practice charging a battery that’s not fully capable of being safe. Buy a few new batteries and even if you don’t fly regularly, check to see their state weekly so as not to let them discharge completely

Let me know where you can get them - I’ll buy a couple. #HensTeeth

Finding plenty on Amazon around £65 to £169 for two. EBay has them but looked part used listed by how many charges

New? Genuine?

First I look at isn’t genuine …

There is no dimple in the led.

Wouldn’t touch it.

This is genuine …

Yep plenty of fakes obviously out there, think if you don’t do your research properly you’ll end up getting a knock off from any of the sites offering bargains, it’s a minefield out here