Mavic Pro Fly More £1099 at argos

As per the title, Argos have the Mavic Pro fly more combo for £1099 and actually have them in stock.

Also batteries are available from Amazon for £69…



Paid £1359 for mine in Argos :expressionless:

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Bargain !

I bought and sold a dozen or so Mavics last year… The most I got for a combo was £1,750 and £1,400 for the base version. Everybody was happy to pay over the odds just to get their hands on one. It’s amazing looking back how crazy it all got this time last year…

Yep,Fly more combo at £1099 at Maplins today(not sure about stock) Sick or what ,full price paid at Jessops 3 months ago
Oh well enjoying learning to use my Mavic!

Hi @Studoo and welcome to Grey Arrows :smiley: