Mavic Pro for sale


Just been offered £650 inc the casefor that, loads of other bits n bobs, but i cant put a photo on as i’m on nights in stockport, its in mint condition, would make way for the new MP2 that i’m looking at, should i :nerd_face:

Tia mick


It’s a nice case and that’s seems to be the going rate atm

You know you want to…


I allready got an MP but I would still be tempted. Check the flight history and battery cycles has it been crashed erc. It a good deal😀


I know it’s a good deal, I’m the one selling it lmao :joy:


I ended up lumping mine into a Amazon DSLR bag. Ended up with too many accessories. Won’t be buying another yet have to learn about the 2 I have. Mavic Pro and Typhoon h plus. Weather is not playing my game at the moment😁


Or 50p for cash. Lol


You drive a hard bargain.

Ye weathers crap, on nights this week and thought i may get out for some practise pfft