Mavic pro gimbal control board

Hi guys must have put one of the connectors in wrong now the the gimbal will not do anything camera is working but no control over camera board smells like something fried anyone got mavic pro parts for sale or know who best to send it to get it repaired in the south near London

No gimbal movement could be an issue with the ribbon cable or its connection at the board end.

Thought I had a spare board - but I checked and he spare gimbal I bought was without the board.

These people : : don’t (currently) list the board on their site … but could be worth contacting them in case.

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Cheers mate it’s def the board it’s the main chip that’s fried but I have a ribbon cable that I will fit if I get a board

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Those people carry a good range of spares. Certainly worth a call, in the morning. If they don’t have one they may know someone who does.

If you end up going this route @Scubadave63 :

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Cheers Rich and Dave will give them a call sometime tomorrow

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I was going to call these guys today but thought it would just be my luck that I would organise a repair then one of you guys would then text to ask Dave are you still locking for this I found an old MP in the garage this bit is still good so have a think I’m sure one of you will have one somewhere :thinking::thinking::pray::pray::grinning:

As you can see been working on both my drone and an old power supply that needs a new capacitor, and obviously gimbal needs new control board which Can know I caused it to melt think I must have replaced a connector wrong did not think you could but hohum expensive silly mistake will talk to the drone doctor tomorrow, also maybe able to get spares from eBay :crossed_fingers:day in weather crap and no sport in so being productive also spent some time on DR

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