Mavic pro insurance recommendation please

Needs to cover loss and accidental damage as well as public liability

Got a fright on Sunday when the drone was 4 kilometres away over Loch Lomond and I got a loss of signal warning

There are lots of threads on insurance so it would be worth searching for those. provide public liability insurance for £19.99 a year, but obviously this doesn’t cover your gear.

I would also check the small print of any insurance policy very carefully since you are operating outside of the drone code and CAA air navigation order requirements you may well not be insured (at least in the example you gave)…

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You won’t get any insurance for the loss of / damage to kit whilst in use.
But, hey, you got some excellent video! :wink:

Since Backmeup stopped their ‘flyaway’ cover, I don’t know a single UK insurer that will cover a hobbiest drone loss in flight.

You can get commercial insurance for equipment, but it comes at commercial costs :frowning:

I think Aviva offer to cover drones on home insurances but at the risk of your premiums being hiked for the next five years in the event of a claim, and they only cover damage, not loss.

Bottom line, don’t lose your drone :wink: