Mavic Pro or Mavic Air


As the title suggests, am thinking of upgrading, from a Spark, cannot justify the Pro2 or Pro Zoom, so its a choice between the Mavic Air or the Mavic pro, plenty of second hand on ebay and the likes, its just pros and cons of both. Opinions much appreciated.


Heliguy have a comparison chart available.

Granted, it’s a year old now, but still relevant in terms of specs:

I’m sure someone will be along soon with some real-world advice :+1:t2:


it partly depends on what you’re doing with it. I went with the Air and I love it’s compact size, rear sensors, auto focus, higher bitrate for video and the detachable joysticks. However… there are times where I wish it was quieter and had a longer battery life. I think you’ll be happy with either one you choose


I’d personally go for Mavic Pro for the longer flight time, range, display on controller.


I agree with @TassyWass Even though i have both, my choice would be Mavic Pro, due to Occusync.
Never been happy with the Air’s signal/range.


Must admit, my preference is going towards the pro, still got some time to shop around before the weather gets better. The Sparks 12 min flying time is about all i can stand before the hands have to go in the pockets in this weather.
Thanks for the advise.


You might want to post a Wanted in #for-sale-wanted to see if another member is selling whichever you decide upon.


Don’t forget, the flying time can be drastically reduced in windy or cool weather, and it’s best to always have some reserve, so a 12-15 min flight time can easily turn into less than 9-12min time. And that’s not including time fannying about on take off. My money is on the MP for this reason.


I’ve owned the air and loved it, however as stated above it’s wifi range is nowhere near as good as the pro and pro2. Personally I’d go for the pro!


Check out as they sell used drones with a warranty. I got my mavic pro fly more kit from them


I can’t comment on the MP but I can’t fault the Air. It goes as far as I need it to go and I’m more than happy with the photos and videos. They do say that Occusync is better than wifi, but that said, the MP is now an outdated model :smiley:


@Paul_M has a point! The air is 4K vs 2.7k on pro???

Mine only dropped out beyond 600m so plenty good enough if you fly within that (as we all do!)


Oi!!! No model dissing!!! (… certainly not when based on inaccurate info! :wink: )


Mav pro




If the OP is still pondering, he may find this helpful…


Thanks for all the advise, I went for the Mavic Pro Platinum


Think you’ll be very happy with the Pro; rock solid signal will never let you down.

Bit late to the party, but for anyone else reading this thread and wondering the same question, this pros & cons of both the Air & Pro video I filmed a few months ago may help…
Cheers, Ian


Good video Ian, Glad I went for the pro, got a good deal through Jessopps. I am still keeping my Spark as that is so much fun to use, but range is always a worry, the pro, as you say, has a rock solid signal. Battery life outlasts my interest on any subject (I got the Platinum combo) 3 batteries and I need a break for the day.


Great stuff. I keep the Air for the same reason; sometimes you jjust want a small lightweight little drone to carry around…!
Cheers, Ian