Mavic Pro Pano

First attempt at a pano shot of Woonona, NSW, Australia. The beach and Pacific Ocean to the left and Bulli Mountains to the right. Taken this afternoon on a lovely sunny day, not too hot, just right. I also used a DJI ND filter.
Well It’s given me a bit more confidence to try other things now while I’m here on holiday :sunglasses:


Mine are improving each time I take one - Here’s one from the only flight I managed to fo whilst visiting friends in Florida:

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Wow now that does look good. I’d be interested to know more information about the camera settings you used and altitude it was shot at etc.
It’s a brilliant photo, I hope mine get as good as yours eventually :blush::+1:

Great pic @FrankyMac22 and good to see you back here again :smiley:

And similarly @JayForceOne, great pic :smiley:

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Many thanks and glad you liked the photo :blush::+1:

A prize (probably not) for anyone that knows where this is and what it is. :wink:

Full screen version with auto panning on mobile device :

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Eastleigh train station holding area, River Itchen behind. Nice shot btw!

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Close … but no cigar.
Eastleigh, yes.
But this is the area where they store loads of new track for a lot of southern England … and directly below the trains of wagons used to cart it about.
Always looks strange when goodness knows how many lengths of track quite happily bend around tight-ish bends on these trains. :slight_smile:

Only just out!

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