Mavic pro platinum

I can see the advantages of portability compared to the phantoms, but I have been put off by the tiny controller . I don’t like the idea of using a mobile phone I would rather have the extra size available with tablets. So I googled ,and was surprised by the number of aftermarket holders to adapt the mavic controller. Does anyone use one of these? Also the Ipad mini seems to come top of recommended tablets.

I use an iPad 4 mini as the viewer.

It does actually fit in to the controller (just), but most people buy an aftermarket mount such as the MavMount

When you fit a tablet, etc., to the Mavic RC the ‘small’ issue re its size applies no more.

I’ve used an IPad Mini 3 on my Mavic in the past and it doesn’t need any kind of 3rd party adaptation - it’s a snug fit. You hold the complete assembly via the totally secure IPad giving you full access to the RC buttons and sticks.

But be warned - there are lots of stories (of which I include myself) of the IPad self-shutting down due to overheating, either by processor overheat or excess ambient temperature or both. That’s why I sold mine and invested in the dedicated 5.5” CrystalSky monitor - more expensive but more stable, no overheating, no bloatware.

Would love a crystal sky monitor but they’re £££ :disappointed: maybe one day…


Hi @Returntohome, I used to use an iPad Mini 2 slotted inside the Mavic controller for ages.

I then invested in a MavMount to raise the iPad up and improve the balance :+1:

I’ve since then also moved on to the CrystalSky, but still coupled with the MavMount :slight_smile:

Yes I used an iPad mini 4 for a good few months but I really struggled with the reflections from the screen in the summer. I experimented with a couple of different types of screen shades and the best one was the hood but it was a real pain to use it and it made the controller screen huge.

I have recently invested in a Crystalsky and it is wonderful if expensive makes flying the Mav a joy again and never have to think about reflection at all but no charger supplied !! I digress.

So The iPad mini is good but the CS is better but it is double the price.

That overheating sounds dangerous you could loose the drone. Are the Mavmounts only available from usa?
What is best price on the crystal sky? are you all using the 5.5" one?
The new phantom pro plus has a dedicated screen which has the same brightness as crystalsky, you would think they could do the same for the mavic.

Came across a phone called Elephone S8 It has a 2K screen 2560x1440 21mp camera 4000mah battery ,gps,
6.22"x 3.15 x.31 android 7.1 sounds like it would be good but I guess there is no way of knowing if the app will work on it. price about £200

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I got mine on interest free, quite a few places doing it - got the 7.85 for 560 at droneworx in the UK

At that price doesn’t make sense to buy the 5.5”