Mavic Pro to Costa Dorada

Hi all - my head is spinning trying to get the info I need from Jet2 - and Leeds Bradford airport about taking my drone with me (Mavic Pro)

Wow - no wonder people get confused - its like maybe they don’t give you the info people won’t take them ?!

Can anybody shed some light on how to pack the drone… hand luggage… suitcase?!

Also is there any point taking it to Cambrilles in Spain - Im not planning on flying above peoples heads but was planning on taking it to the beach where I could fly it out a little and get some aerial shots ?

Any advice would be great - flying on 25th August!

well, Spain are very jumpy about drones on beaches,( too my knowledge,) unless you are in the middle of nowhere, but, you are allowed to fly out there !!.
As for packing it, It MUST go in your hand luggage, with you on board the plane.
Each battery MUST be in a fireproof holder (avail off Amazon),

with its terminals taped up to prevent a short circuit.
The batteries MUST be discharged to about 20% charge.
The batteries MUST NOT under any account be placed in the hold luggage (CAA Regulations)
I have travelled extensively over the last 4 years with all sorts of drones, and have never been challenged.
BUT, I would contact the airline and clarify there policy on carrying drones aboard their planes.
Also make sure you have PLI Insurance,

and the rules / drone code for the country in question.
If we can be of any further help, just ask !!

As a final thought, I went to Benidorm about 3 years ago, and wish now I had taken my drone, so please do not be deterred with red tape !!

I always pack my drone with my Main Camera gear in my Canon Bag, then put Controller and batteries in your other hand luggage, so as too split them up, so to speak.
Most UK Airports are now use to drones being taken on board planes ,and through security, I have never even been asked “What’s That”
Happy Travelling !!

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See my earlier threads re travelling, never had any real issues through airports, and just got back last week from Zante (with Jet2).

A quick you tube search usually gives you an idea of who is flying where.

I found this one, taken only a couple of weeks ago, I think as long as you pick your time and spot right you’ll have no issues at all (I know I haven’t)

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Unless you’re travelling with Emirates then it must go as checked luggage (always best to check with the airlines)

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I’ll second that!, just a matter of timing, early morning, late evening.
And, having the balls to do it!, without being stupid!

To my knowledge, no airline will allow your batteries to be in the hold, in your luggage.
(That comes from my Nephew, who is an airline pilot)


Batteries in hand luggage, drone to be checked (Emirates). I took mine through Dubai last year but never flew it, bit keen over there.

Although reading the Emirates stuff they say batteries can be checked if secured in the drone, whatever that means.

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