Mavic Pro used to install broadband cables


Why can’t I land jobs like this?!

Land… see what I did there? I’m here all week :+1:

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It’s a usage that could really take off!

I’d love one of those jackets … to wear when I’m not actually flying. LOL!

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I would have thought this might not be possible but its a great story .

Just my Thought , The cable even though its fine just might be to much for a Mavic Pro over such a distance, if they used a Inspire 2 or the Spreading Wings S1000+ I think it would be more believable .

If it was with the Mavic PRO well what a Stunning Job Done.

But the MP was only being used to take a fishing-line out, that’s then used to feed the Fibre cable.

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I should have not rushed watching the video the video is a great Advert for the Mavic Pro

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Lol :smiley:


If you stood in the middle of a busy high street wearing that jacket, standing dead still and staring at the sky, I’d put money on LOADS of people stopping and trying to see what you were looking at :rofl:

Interesting video though, I too was surprised they used a Mavic, even something like a Phantom just seems more naturally suited to the job.

Still, just goes to show what the Mavic is capable of eh!

Anyone have any details on the remote-release attachment they were using?!

Now I REALLY want one of those jackets!

Saw something on the other day (within last two weeks) about remote release.

Its a great Advert, for MP, but they have been using this method for years with RC helicopters in the remote parts of the highlands for Power cables etc…