Mavic Pro & Video Editing Help

just bought a Mavic Pro and wondering if there is anyone around Wirral who has experience flying a Mavic who could go through the ropes with me.
Ive taken the Mavic out and flown a couple of times but really need an experienced flyer to show me whats what.
Also wanting to ask what is an easy to use video / photo editor to learn. would appreciate it if anyone could help me out.

Hi Barry

Have a look on the members map, maybe of some help


Hi Barry
As I said previously I live in bolton not a million miles away and have been known to travel…
Have you been to the Dream at Sutton manor weather permitting
When are you available? Am busy Wednesday Thursday each week and it’s best done during the week due to people being about and early morning
Let me know if your up for it will try and get @mickydd to come along too

Always happy to make one in.
Let us know where and when.

Hi Raider
Thanks for the info I will take a look.

Hi Jeff
Thanks for the reply, Im interested in coming along if you dont mind a novice turning up …lol.
If you can arrange a day and time plus a place to meet that would be fine. Dont know where the Dream is but sure my satnav will take me their.

Bit far perhaps, but if you’re ever in Hampshire there’s plenty of us down here who would be happy to help I’m sure!

Thanks Longstride a bit far your right but if in the area will get in touch.

I’m using openshot at the mo,works well!

Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for the info I will take a look at openshot.