Mavic pro video vs photo quality

Evening everyone. This has probably been covered before but I can’t find anything. Last night I had the family over and decided to whip out the drone for some aerial shots, however for some reason my app didn’t want to play ball and I kept losing video feed after a few seconds and that was that.
However after most of them had gone I took it out again to see if it was gonna be an ongoing issue or just a one off, and for the most part it worked. But when reviewing the couple of shots I took just for checking connection and function, and the video as well, it appears as though the video quality by far excels the quality of the photos. No idea why. Any ideas? The photo files are RAW so I don’t see why they should be as fuzzy as they are.


Have you opened the RAW files in Photoshop, or similar?
If you are looking at the file thumbnails, they are indeed stupidly low res on the RAW files, but they are superb when opened.

I’ve opened them up in Lightroom and they are slightly better, but still nowhere near as good as the video, can’t understand it!

Yup - Lightroom is as good for the purpose.
Can’t help, then. Strange.

Could you share an example photo @Pete?

Obviously the top one is the video footage, both heavily cropped in to magnify the issue, but it’s clear that there is a difference in quality.

Are you taking the photos from memory card/drone or from the go4 app with your device? The go4 photos are fairly low res compared with the original, (on the memory card) which you can download from the card onto your device when the drone is turned on and connected to your device via the go4 app.

They’re both from the card Brian, I tried the app when I first got the drone and realised how pooh the image was an never used it again!

The Mavic Pro is 12 megapixels for pics . Not exactly brilliant by today’s proper camera standards. You cannot expect much detail once you start cropping.
It is capable of excellent video quality.

Joe, the cropping was just to illustrate the difference in quality clearly, it’s just as noticeable without the crop mate.

I’m not expecting ground shattering quality images. My point is that if the camera is capable of producing sharp video quality, then why not the photos? It’s using the same hardware isn’t it? So my query was as to whether there is an obvious mistake I’m making, a setting that needs amending etc, or if that’s just how it is.


I would find an object, and then take a few pics using differant settings, auto manual etc

I noticed this on mine other day the pics i went out to get looked shite when i uploaded them, but was the same setting as 30 mins earlier :thinking: and those pics looked fine

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Sounds like user error then! Thanks mate, I’ll have to just practice a bit more and take more notice of what I’m doing. :+1:t2:

Consider testing taking vid/pics with the MP sat on the table … and organise some objects./patterns for the exercise?

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I get your point now. Huge difference between video and pics … why ? Haven’t thought about it .

RAW files are everything the sensor captured without the camera doing anything to them, thats up to the user to extract the detail in the picture. If you spend enough time in lightroom the picture can be made amazing quality.

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I shall have to try that, thanks!

I thought maybe the photo mode uses a different shutter speed to video automatically so it’s video footage appears sharper as the duration could possibly be shorter, but didn’t notice anything in the menus to suggest that it flicks from one to the other.

I have had some decent results with photo footage, that’s why I was a bit surprised at how crappy these ones were. Luckily they weren’t shots for any reason, just test snap shots really.

You cannot add definition. And I’d agree, in those examples, the image from the RAW lacks what it’s shown from the video frame grab.