Mavic Pro with 7" tablet plus many extras

It’s with great reluctance that I’ve decided to put my Mavic up for sale.
It’s a fantastic piece of kit but I’m just not finding I’m getting as much time to fly it as I’d hoped.
I’ll probably regret it in a few months but I can’t justify hanging onto it while it’s lying around doing nothing.
So I’m offering it up here first before it goes on ebay.

Everything is in excellent condition, perfect working order, very well looked after and only lightly used.
Also included is a 7" Huawei T3 tablet which can be used as a display screen with the Mavic using the Dji app up to version 4.1.9.
Plus a multi charger which can charge 3 Mavic batteries at the same time in under an hour.
Everything will come in the original boxes.

Included :-

Mavic Pro
2 Mavic batteries
32GB sd card
Mavic case
Multi charger
7" Huawei tablet
Tablet mount
ND Filters
Power bank adapter
Low noise props
Extended landing gear

I’m looking for £750 by paypal for the lot including delivery.

@SteveM are you still looking for a Mavic Pro mate?

Sorry to hear you’re selling it Scott.

My poor Mavic has only been flown twice this year, bloody weather!!

Entirely possible you’ll miss in when Spring arrives, but perhaps you’ll be back with a Mavic Air then eh? :wink:

Cheers mate and thanks for pinging Steve.
The weather does have a lot do with it. We get a lot of wind here, something I hadn’t really factored in before getting into drones. Haven’t had a single day out with the Mavic this year.
Work and family life also have a habit of getting in the way.

Yeah I’ve got that work problem too. Sod’s bloody law we get a decent day for flying and I’m stuck at work!

Good luck with the sale, Scott, and thanks for posting here before taking to eBay :blush:

Now on the bay …