Mavic Remote cable slide

Mavic Pro……
Does everybody have a similar issue with the iPhone lightning cable from the remote whereby it just pops out of the slider thing on the grip arm every time you remove the phone.
Looks to me the slider is a bit pointless and likely to either snap or evenly damage the cable if you by-pass it which is what I end up doing

Does your lightning cable work ? Mine doesn’t. Keeps causing Go app to disconnect

Hi it works ok but its kinda dangling outside of the slide, just concerned I am likley to end up snapping the connector from the cable as there is nothing to hold tight when I disconnect the iPhone

Yep I had that problem too. Very carefully disconnect phone. Now I use the usb port with my moverio glasses😁

Yep all the time

I don’t even use that slider anymore. Some of the devices I’ve used have their connector sitting right at the bottom of the arm.

Thanks, although the glasses are almost as much to buy a the Mav…lol

I gave up on that slide a couple of weeks after receiving my Mavic. Not their best design idea.

Yep, I think I might just pop the slider out of the arm and use its this way, but is indeed a poor design