Mavic Smart Controller firmware update issues again

Dusting off , charging and updating after prolonged lock-down/shutdown went OK for Mavic 2 Pro and Mavic Air. The .Anafi had updates for firmware and software and not sure if it had ever offered it before but battery firmware updates were insisted upon and were duly received and successful. It has to be said my experience of updating the Anafi has always been top drawer. Wish same could be said of almost anything DJI do! Rarely completely trouble free.

All well until connected SC to PC via Assistant 2 latest. Recognised the SC and offered a firmware update from the notorious early January debacle one. Process went through the download, transfer and then failed with a Chinese expletive(?) at 1% when installing it. To rub the salt in I was asked if I wanted to do it again and the 1% loop continues.

Not a desperate update for me, although a "better user experience " was dangled temptingly in the blurb.

On the other hand there appeared in the SC notifications an update to GO 4.3.36 fromGO 4.3.32 which went OK without any issue. Strangely the firmware was not offered in the SC notifications just via Assistant 2 on the PC.

I baulked at fiddling with the CrystalSky. That’s for later!

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OK,now i know this is odd,but just had to reinstall windows and DJI assistant after a HDD :+1: failure ,and when i went to update,constant fail. getting annoyed,i quit DJI assistant and started again,it worked fine before?
Anyway long story short,i launched DJI assistant as administrator and all went perfectly… doubt its your problem,but “may” be worth a try???

The failure is on the SC side not the PC. I was admin anyway. The main issue with a PC can be firewall which will block Assistant without permissions. No issue there as permissions were given at first startup of Assistant but it can be an issue with some firewalls that don’t advise they are blocking. Admittedly very few these days.

Just DJI again!

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LOL sounds about right! :rofl: :rofl:

Problem Solved!

I had the SC still connected via USB to the PC but Assistant 2 closed. I suppose I should have disconnected it but it was charging at low power and I forgot it was there!

However decided to have a look and see if there was an update notification on the SC. There wasn’t but there was a notification that USB debugging was running and that the SC was set to use USB for charging. Previously there had been a notification that GO 4.3.36 was available and I had in fact successfully done that update via the SC so that notification had gone.
I disabled USB debugging and that automatically disabled charging as both notifications disappeared…

I had a look in system settings to see if there was a sniff of a firmware update. There was but when I selected it a message to the effect that an update had failed because not logged in and to login to GO 4. Anyway logged in to my DJI account with email/password and the update was then allowed.

It downloaded to the SC which had plenty of battery and space. This comes in a few parts. Download to SC then setting up the update which takes a while and there was a pronged hiatus of many minutes at 16%. Then it hurried up and at 98% another extended wait. At that point it is checking the prepared firmware update is OK. When check is successful it reboots and then actually does the final install which is just a couple of minutes.

Update done! GO 4 opens with a warning that it is slow battery charging as the DJI standard power connection is not being used. Indeed it was actually connected to my laptop so SC thought it was there for charging. So it looks like, but I forgot to check, that USB debugging and USB connection default is for charging and both seem enabled after the update.

So eventually update achieved when being logged on to my account seemed to be a factor. When it failed via Assistant I was in fact logged on there.

Hope this helps. Worth switching off USB debugging and being logged on to your DJI account if you have issues.

Unlike the January problems where I couldn’t update via the SC only via Assistant and that story is nearly a small book!

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