Mavic update adds pano modes

DJI go for iOS v4.1.18 is now available and adds pano modes for the Mavic (along with firmware update

Can’t wait to try!

Great News I love shooting Panorama Imagery, Photo stitching software has been a part of my life for years now.

From My First ( My Father helped Build This flagship Concorde)

Type: Production aircraft used for commercial flights
Where is it? Manchester Airport

204 was British Airways’ flagship Concorde, given its BOAC registration as it was the first Concorde delivered to BA. It first left Filton in February 1975 and flew for over 22,000 hours before being placed in a glass viewing hangar at Manchester Airport in October 2003.

Can you get on board? Tours of Concorde 204 can be booked at the Manchester Airport website.


To Lifes Events

To Sporting Places

And here the Home Of The Commonwealth Games 2002 In Manchester


To The United Kingdoms Most Advance Media City, So Close to My Heart .


There Is nothing I Love More, Is a Few Joining of Dots

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Very nice. Here’s one of my tiny planets… hope the Mavic supports these as well as traditional panos.


Was this shot on your DJI Spark James

I hope the Sphere option will be on my New Mavic Pro Platinum

If the Spark had the same gimbal and camera setup as the Mavic Pro It would be a Must add Item to my digital photographic equipment.

Actually shot in the Inspire 2 with X5S (now sold).my friend has the spark and it’s a neat bit of kit, but no raw photos and no proper stabilised video (no roll) insport mode…

They are negatives, I could not cope without 4K and soon 8k might just be the normal Standard. Liked the look of the Sphere option In the DJI Sparks recent software up date but it seem at time time just for the DJI Spark ahead of Black Friday and the Christmas Rush, I am 63 in Jan 18 but I would have loved a Spark as my first drone But In my Youth It was Petrol remote control planes and pond yachts were all you could get. I never dreamed I would be flying a Drone with such Specs as The Mavic and other have, Mind you I never thought I would get to grips a Computer. the Zenmuse X7 is a compact Super 35 camera with an integrated gimbal made for high-end filmmaking, with its Super 35 Sensor | 6K CinemaDNG | 5.2K Apple ProRes | 14 Stops of Dynamic Range hanging from the front of SUA and in 3 or 4 years it will be outdated .

I didn’t see any firmware updates for the Mavic, has this gone live yet do you know?

Are the spherical panos / tiny planets available on the Mavic now?

@PingSpike - Rich, The ability to create ‘little worlds’/‘tiny planets’ is subject to updating the DJI GO4 software to the latest version which was released on 20th November, it’s not a firmware update. This is what it improves: -


Mavic Pro:

  • Added Pano shooting
    modes (with firmware v or above).
  • Improved Pano shooting
  • Optimized firmware updating by
    combining aircraft and remote controller firmware downloads.
  • Added an
    AutoEdit button to the Playback menu, allowing users to quickly create and
    share short videos.
  • Added Auto
    PinPoint mode, which recognizes the best parts of shots you select and puts
    them into an editing project.
  • Added the Knowledge Quiz for users in the US.

Now why US pilots get to have a Knowledge Quiz and no-one else is beyond me :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just ensure that both the firmware installed is the latest, and that you have the latest DJIGO4 installed - do that and ‘tiny planets’ are all yours.

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Ah… that’ll be why I couldn’t find any updates when I checked yesterday :rofl: :blush:

The firmware update to support Pano modes (along with the DJI Go update) is now available (see New Mavic Pro Firmware Released (23/11/2017) | DJI FORUM)