(MavicMini) Tholt-y-Will Glen - Isle of Man


I would love to live in that house :scream:

Imagine this, literally on your doorstep?! :bowing_man:

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Oh man there are more beautiful spots here. That house is right on the road. That’s my new challengerl. Find the most scenic houses on the island

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very good photo , well done

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Having lived for two years on Queens Road in Manchester, with an ambulance dispatch depot 100 yards to the left and the Olympic stadium being built 500 yards to the right, trust me mate, I’d not hear any random passing cars on that road :rofl:

Plus, it looks about 1,000,000 more beautiful and scenic there than Queens Road ever could :blush:

Your certainly providing us with an insight to the IoM’s beauty! :+1:


Lol man its easy to take it for granted sometimes. I’ve never known anything different to be honest. Always lived here, probably always will now that we have a family and house etc

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Lovely shot! :+1:

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