Well I got my mavmount delivered this morning. VERY quick delivery from the states.

Just need the crystalsky monitor now!!

First impressions are it’s extremely well made, premium feel to it. Fits the mavic controller perfectly.

I’ll update my opinion further once I get the monitor in hand.

Nice one!

I use a mavmount with my iPad and find the balance is great too :+1:

Yes its a great piece of kit. I’m using mine with the 5.5" Crystalsky and love it.

How do you find the crystalsky?

I’ve got the 7.85 on preorder, bought it on a whim just like the mavic. Am I going to be impressed with it?

I love it. I also have the 7.85" which I use with my P4 Pro

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Hi, I know this is an old posed but can anyone send me a link of where they got there MavMount from. Thanks in advance. :crossed_fingers:

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I bought mine direct - not sure they even have resellers? (as it’s just a one man band)

Brilliant piece of kit. Don’t forget to order the lanyard when you buy.