Max Altitude 360 pano. (Workington)

Out logging some hours for my A2CofC with Coptrz, getting on with all the things it asks me to do. Then i thought it would be interesting to take it up to 400ft, see what the drone looks like at that height. well Its actaully 118m just to give a buffer and make damned certain there was no record in the dronelogbook file of an illegal flight being used as evidence :face_with_monocle:

Anyway, figured whilst at max altitude (or near enough) that it would be nice to take a pano.


I fear the dark and gloomy look is all too accurate. :frowning:

But, this does add the Bird’s Eye Viewer Badge to your profile! :+1:


Yeah, one to watch with pano shots, you can only set the exposures to the first shot, in this case was out to sea where its brighter, i guess post editing would have helped :slight_smile:

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I usually bias the exposure toward the ground … since that’s mostly what will be interesting. I try to point at 90° from the sun, and have about 25% sky / 75% ground. That gets a pretty good result, and further tweaking in post to finish off.

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makes sense, I usually would use the first shot as the “best bit”, this one wasnt really a planned shot just a “whilst i was there, I know, kind of thing” what do you mean about 25% sky? not sure how to do that, unless of course you are in a valley?

By adjusting the camera pitch and then setting the exposure whilst in manual exposure mode, and leaving it at that for the pano.

sorry, was my reading, I understand what you are meaning now, yeah thanks. will try again later, batteries are charging up, then going back out whilst its dry and not windy as I still need at least another 2 hours logged.

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better exposure this time, good tips thanks @OzoneVibe, shame about the fog though. still there is another 3 flat batteries. I tell you 4hrs is a lot of flight time (apparently the previous to enrol has to be within the last 90 days too, so i only had about 40 mins. Ho Hum. hopefully will have logged enough tomorrow (weather permitting)

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Looking good! :+1:

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