Media City & Old Trafford - Added to Modern Buildings in the North West region on the map at

I have has just added this to the UK Map of places to fly your Drone at

Media City UK & Old Trafford Stadium, Trafford Park, Manchester


Cool video @StevenPSCC :+1:

What time of the morning did you shoot that? The place looks deserted :open_mouth:

Just before 6am, I didn’t want any attention from anyone whilst at Old Trafford :wink:

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Nice I like it but what about the whole congested area flying rules etc. I’m not drone police and fly where I want but within limits.

I suppose its interpretation, to me congested is a busy area. I was there before 6am in an industrial part of the city little traffic and not many people. I was 50 Mts away from anyone and anything so IMHO within any requirements

A congested area is classed as people or buildings and it’s 150 m horizontally away

Typo it was 400 ft