MEDIC! Drone down!

So one tried a night flight :speak_no_evil: it was not successful to say the least! All common sense left me :man_facepalming: instead of using the map to navigate back to me I flew straight into a steel fence. Oh well a great experience and lesson learnt but one is without a drone for the time being. I am tempted to buy new as Argos is selling the drone now for £369.
I have damaged the gimbal and top cover.

Does anyone know where and how much repairing my mini 2 would be?

Or is there somewhere I can buy just a drone?

Thank you in advance :+1:

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Do you not have the care refresh? If not I read in here recently that drone doctor is good.


Another vote for Drone Doctor:

DJI used to sell refurbished stock, including only a drone (I’m going back many years now though, to the original Mavic Pro days). Can’t seem to get to this page currently:, nor here for some reason:

eBay perhaps? :thinking:

Or, if you’re not in a rush you could wait 10 days or so for the Black Friday sales as DJI often reduce the prices of their non-latest-model stuff so that £369 price might get cheaper still.


Thank you. Apparently not available in this country :pensive:

Thank you. I’ve just messaged them. :thinking: I think I contacted them for a cracked motor arm and I was quoted 120 but I got it done for half that. We will see what they quote.

What exactly is the issue with the gimbal? Any faults on screen in the Fly app?

The gimbal has snapped. I don’t know what the parts are called but the top horseshoe stabiliser has snap on one side and the opposite side has come out. Camera still works.

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Just this bit? If there are no errors in the Fly app, and it is just this bit that has snapped, it is quite a straightforward DIY repair - if you like that kind of thing.

You don’t need the whole gimbal, just the arm. If you can find that you can bring the price down considerably. All I can find after a quick search is the whole gimbal, so price reflects that.




Parts: £142.32

I lost a Mini 2 and battery in the river Clyde earlier this year. I had care refresh but obviosly nothing to send back. Spoke nicely to Dji and they sold me a new Mini 2 and new battery for £265. I thought that was good!

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Similar to my 2nd Mini 2. That was a ‘Fly Away’, and so I had nothing to send back. But they only charged me £180 including a battery.

Mine was complete ‘pilot error’. Distracted by a passer-by.

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It happens. Mine was a gust of wind.

Yeah just a 100+ mph “gust of wind” Chris :rofl:

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Damn. Busted :laughing:

I’ve bought a new mini 2 for now. I will send the downed drone to DJI after Christmas I think and keep it as a spare. Thank you for the info :+1::+1::+1:

Really amazed how you got away with that!

With what?

My reply was not to you but to clinkadink.

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Oh yes I just noticed lol :+1:

No probs.