MEDIC! Drone down!

Got away with what? I didn’t. I lost the Mini 2.

Sorry if I got it wrong. I thought you sent your drone up to fly in 100mph winds! I read abut your tremendous efforts to find and rescue your aircraft to no avail. I understood that you received a ‘new drone’. Am I wrong? If so I apologise!


No, you’re correct. Well actually, it was 88 mph wind and the drone managed a 100.3 mph top speed :joy:

Then followed by an 8 day search, but ended with losing my Mini 2. God know where it is. I claimed a ‘Fly Away’ from DJI, but that did cost me around £180. So technically, I didn’t get away with it. Although, It was an experience for sure :+1:

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I did admire all your efforts to find your little machine. I guess I know how you felt because my replacement was again ‘lost’ in a 50ft tree at Rowardrennan (Loch Lomond). Fortunately, it was found by honest folk who contacted me and, after a suitable reward to them I carried out Dji ‘care refresh’. I do tend to give tree-fronted waterways a wider berth these days. I do enjoy reading the ‘banter’ between you and your ‘mates’. Carry on regardless!