Medway Council Byelaw

Using the very useful local authority tool on Drone Scene, I was checking out my local council request to find any bye law restrictions.

The tool makes it easy to find but interpreting the way these legal documents are written is not so easy…!

If I’m interpreting correctly, this bye law doesn’t apply to drones as it doesn’t meet the ‘power driven’ definition given i.e. doesn’t mention electrically powered aircraft? The email response also states there are no policies held for UAVs

Link for reference


My opinion is, we are not flying petrol powered model aircraft, and so this byelaw does not apply.

Follow the Drone Code, and it should be okay should be okay.


:+1: Don’t question it any further though. They may change their minds


Thanks, my thoughts too. Just wanted to see others interpretation on this

Of course, never question it! That’s why I asked in here instead of asking them haha

I was only searching as I was told the council had specific bye laws about flying down by a popular area of water near me. Supposedly they have council rangers keeping an eye out for drones down there. They say it’s to do with the birds in the area but I can’t find reference to any other bye laws or enforceable restrictions!

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What’s the date on the document ?

Probably precedes battery powered aircraft

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I’m not sure, I couldn’t find the original document. I’ve done various searches on the council website and Google… No luck!

It likely does precede them though

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Just look at the MFOI 015081.docx


I run a site called Planning Geek - I have a very simple rule - never contact the local authority unless you legally need to!

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I’ve had a look at one of the bylaws for Southampton which seems to have the same wording for model aircraft and if convicted, you could face a fine not exceeding……….



Seems like a solid rule to me!
I’m assuming by legally need to, that would refer to actual restricted air space for example?

:joy: Amazing


Could be an SSSI and nothing to do with the council. I saved this link to the SSSI search page.

NPCC guys take on it.


I think it is a case of being sensible - If someone is flying an Inspire2 at 50+ mph when there are people around then that would attract attention and byelaws would be likely to referred to. If someone takes a Mini2 on a quiet day and is respectful and polite if they see anyone then it is doubtful there would be any repercussions even if strictly not ‘legal’. (Please still check if the area is a bird sanctuary etc and do not fly!). Most of the byelaws predate UAVs so legally a grey area - but it is best to avoid the stress and expense of legal issues by keeping a low profile. If you operating commercially that ups the ante a bit and compliance is a bit more critical as you will be performing more in-depth pre flight assessments which includes proper checking of byelaws, airspace etc…

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Didn’t even know these exited, very useful page. Thank you!

Thanks, been meaning to watch this whole interview as it seemed very good from the couple of bits I’ve seen so far!

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Looks like you were spot on, the area appears to be both an SSSI and an SPA
I still can’t find a local byelaw preventing it but clearly the use of a drone in those areas should probably be avoided!