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Hi, I got a bit protective of my personal channel so I’ve just created a new one. All subs would be massively welcome and reciprocated.


I’ve subscribed mate . A return favour :+1:

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Done and done!!! Hit me up too!!

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Done, right back. Thanks to any forum members that have subscribed so far. I’m happy to sub back if you let me know




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Hi Guys,

Just finding my way on here, sending a reply to say I’ve just check out some of your content. Really good stuff, lots of inspiration.
I’ve subscribed to your channels too👍🏼

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I’ve subscribed mate👍🏼

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Some good on the channel Paul. Nice bit of learning and inspiration for a newbie like myself. I’ve subscribed to the channel :+1:t3:

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Some nice videos on your channel Kieran, I had a watch of a couple of them in full, and I have subscribed as well

Hi everyone,

Would appreciate if you could check out my channel I’ve been working on!


Subbed back. Cheers



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New to here, day 2 but I’ve just checked out your channel and watched the video you did of Harringworth Viaduct. Absolutely stunning footage, especially around the 1:45 mark, I really liked that shot and the view it created. Some good inspiration from your channel for sure, for someone new to drones like myself. I’ve subscribed to your channel, will definitely watch more. :clap::clap:

I’ve subscribed mate :+1:t3:

I new too, not as new as you now as this is an old post, but I joined her a couple of days ago. I’m new to drones this year, new to having a channel in recent weeks. I’m looking for some inspiration, I’ll finish by saying I’ve found it on your channel! It’s excellent, really well done :clap:t3: :clap:t3: :clap:t3:
I’ve just subscribed :+1:t3:


awesome site for all you music needs

Hi This my channel on You tube :slight_smile: I started using drone for my music :slight_smile: Hope you like it !

Greetings !!!

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Some nice drone footage on your channel, liked and subscribed, hope you find something interesting on my channel :wink:

Happy flying :slight_smile:

Liked and subscribed, very nice, hope you find something interesting on my channel, my scenery is generally not so mountainous Lol Woody Drones On - YouTube