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Subbed, if you want to reciprocate ours is -

@AlbionDrones Already subbed you Suzanne :sweat_smile: Hope you haven’t unsubbed me in error. :rofl:

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Oops… was meant to be for the new guys…

Thanks all, I’ve subbed back. Let’s continue to help each other grow.


Here is mine mixture of Drone Flights & Motorhome Travel enjoy everyone…

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Hi Ian just liked your birnbeck pier video and subscribed to your channel. Here is our channel of various attractions and of course droning from around the Uk if you wish to subscribe back.

Done thanks for the sub returned back.

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Subbed - thanks

Subbed back thanks.

Subbed back, thanks for that.

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Subbed back.

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Thanks everyone who subbed me. :+1:

Nice job, Subbed.

Here’s mine :blush:

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Evening all, I’m pretty new to the video editing scene (as you may well see if you check out my channel on YouTube!) and the videos are fledgling to say the least, however please do take a look if you have the time. I will work my way through this thread and check out the channels of other members, I certainly recognise one or two creators!
My YouTube channel @SkySeaPembrokeshire

Constructive criticism welcome!



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Wow, you have a new sub, only 2 video, but very well done, great smooth footage, well done!

Ours is

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@peteg22 nice vids Peter. Walked most of the Pembrokeshire coast truly beautiful coastline.

I’ve subbed your Channel matey feel free to recipricate, my channel is Here

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@AlbionDrones @D0c.Col
Thank you both, I have returned the favour! I can already see I’m going to be spending a lot of time enjoying all this footage :ok_hand::grin:


think I have worked this one out, please let me know if its wrong :blush: