Members map!


Thank you everyone who has taken the time and effort to update your profiles with your location.

It’ll make it sooooo much easier when you’re organising your meetups as you’ll be able to see who’s reasonably nearby and @mention them to notify them of your post :+1:t2:

And thanks @OzoneVibe for tirelessly promoting the map features to our members too :bowing_man:



Whilst there is no compulsion, and your location should be a little vague (not your street address!) - there are still many active members who are not on the Members Map, and it would be good if you could add yourself.

Here’s how: Members’ Location Map - A Guide

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There must be enough of you there?

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Volunteers requested for testing CAA prototype: email DroneRegistration

i reckon so, would be even better if ALL the members added themselves to the Member Map Dave !
Just Saying !!:wink:

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Can’t force people. 150 in a few months is good … and certainly the majority of active members most likely to participate in this.

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I agree Dave, shame though as it would make the job of arranging “Meets” and knowing which members are in that particular area to be able to contact them to bring it to their attention.
Never mind, we live in hope !

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160 on the map!!!




Current spread of (166) members on the map.

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The Map of Members is up to 180 people! :+1:


Don’t forget to add yourself to that map :+1:

How to add yourself to the Members Map