Menai Straits "House on the Rock"

This rock was lived on centuries ago by monks. It currently has a house and boathouse/smokery if you have a spare £1m handy. Only way to shore is by boat, and it is VERY tidal. It still has one of the few remaining medieval fish weirs - the area almost enclosed by the wall - at full tide the water gushes through holes in the wall leaving fish trapped inside. This short vid is at low tide, I am doing one at high tide for comparison
Link to vid :

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Loved that Ted, would love to have a circuit around it.
Great Video

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Yep, Im intending to when the wind drops enough - it fair rips thru the centre channel from sea level up to 100 feet, so I was being VERY careful the other day lol. It will drop soon enough, then I’m getting right above. VERY different at high tide, Im putting a short one up top show the difference. Its no wonder Admiral Nelson when he sailed thru before the bridges were built that he said " The most treacherous stretch of water I ever sailed"

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Just adding the following vid showing the exact same area at high tide.

Link :

lol - I put this notice up before it had fully uploaded - doh - should be fully done in the next 10 minutes. One day I will get organised !!! lol Will confirm when its up there - typical, this one is dragging its feet or youtube has gone awol.

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Upload hung itself up - new link is

Appreciate the patience :pray:

That fish weir will be well stocked by the tide turning - I remember a a yoof paddling my canoe over for a barbie - storm came in and we were marooned there for 3 days lol - had plenty of beer tho so all was well - happy days before mobile phones.